Naughty can be Nice

“Share of mind = Share of market”.  When asked to guest lecture at  area university marketing classes, this is the “formula” I write on the board to start the class.  A large part of the way successful businesses gain “share of mind” is through advertising but it takes more than just spending money on a host of advertising vehicles to reach the important “share of mind” and with it, “share of market”.

A catchy name – one that states what you offer AND sticks in your mind is good.  If it is also clever – even fun – people will repeat it to their friends. Recently I’ve seen 2 examples of just this and have already shared them with friends giving these 2 businesses word of mouth advertising.  I’ve already spent money with one and plan to with the other in the near future.

The 2 examples are both pizza restaurants.  One in the DuPont Circle area of Washington D.C., the other in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, California.

The first is “Flippin’ Pizza” in Washington D.C. The arms tossing the pizza make the two “i”s of Flippin’ says the pizza is hand tossed.  It also clarifies the intent of the use of the word “Flippin'” to mean to flip a pizza rather than as a substitute for an inappropriate word.  It is this “slightly naughty” element though which brings the chuckle and makes it memorable.

We walked by the storefront one day and I had my husband, John Murphy, snap the photo on his iPhone for me because I like businesses with clever names.  Then on Saturday, after walking over 10 miles during the 828 Rally, we got back to our hotel room hot and tired.  Showered and in our pajamas, we didn’t want to venture back out for dinner and opted to order from Flippin’ Pizza over room service.   It was pretty good pizza and they have a number of locations if you want to try them for yourself.

A week or so ago, while driving down Hillcrest Ave. in Los Angeles, the next example, Lucifers Pizza,  caught my eye.  The building was painted black with colorful flames across the front over the entrance.  The name:  Lucifers.  The “i” is a pitchfork.  Their slogan “Damned Good Pizza” is right under the name.  The overhang ring beneath the flames says “Flame cooked gourmet pizza”.  This is excellent marketing on so many levels; the paint of the building is both eye-catching and relevant.  The name with the pitchfork in place of a letter is clever.  The “Damned Good Pizza” is genius.  Much like the “Flippin” Pizza”, Lucifers Pizza name, slogan and motif carries the naughty appeal as well.

Lucifers Pizza is top of the list to try next time we are in town, which is our case, is nearly every month.

With the current economic and employment situation, more people than ever are electing to be self-employed.  If you don’t have a lot of money to spend advertising, you will have to gain your “Share of Mind” other ways.  Hopefully something in these examples will serve as inspiration for your new business.


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One Response to “Naughty can be Nice”

  1. Brian Walter Says:

    This is an excellent post. The examples demonstrate the “stickyness” of the names. You hear them once and you remember them. And the credibility is clear with your anecdote of ordering the pizza.


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