Waiting for Business to Improve?

Consignment stores are busy these days.  Not only are a lot of people looking to make extra money on their unused items, but a lot of other people are shopping there as a way to maintain their “standard of living” on their tighter budgets.

We bought new furniture for our family room and elected to consign the pieces that had been in that room rather than trying to sell them directly ourselves.  Tami Michaels recommended a consignment store she has worked with in the past and when contacted, they were very helpful in recommending 2 other stores who deal more in our style of furniture.

Both of these stores offer the same “split” once items are sold.  Both have websites that are easy to use.  Both had an online way for us to upload a couple of pictures with descriptions and both welcomed the opportunity to sell our pieces in their stores.

That’s where the similarity ends. Though not pushy, the owner of Foryu Furnishings clearly wanted our business.  She let us know they had space on their floor and would be happy to accept our items as soon as our new merchandise was delivered.  She kept in touch by phone and email and in the end, she got our business.

When my husband took the items over to her store, he was pleased to see how busy it was; people shoppings and others picking up purchases.  The website of Foryu Furnishings says they have been in business for 20 years.  While they may be benefiting from the recession and economic climate, this business owner is not waiting around for things to get better – she is actively working to make the best of the situation.

A third store I had seen did not even have a website! The Foryu site lets customers browse an online catalog to get an idea of what treasures they can find in the store.  If you decide to visit the store, the directions page not only provides a map and directions, but also a photo of the actual store making it so much easier to find if this is not yet part of your regular shopping route.

Economic cycles will always be up, down and then up again.  Business owners who are proactive and demonstrate not only their willingness, but their genuine interest in doing business will always find a way to succeed.


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