“Take This Job and….”

The news has been filled with the JetBlue flight attendant, Steven Slater and his dramatic exit from both the plane and his career.  More interesting than the episode itself has been the public response to Slater.  He has become something of a cult hero.

Even Harvard Business Review studied this action/reaction in a current blog on workplace stress.

Then there was a great “White Board Quitting” bit I saw on Facebook.  Yes, it was later explained as a humorous hoax, but not before it was posted and circulated wildly.

Robin Ryan, noted Career Counselor has been super busy lately – not assisting laid off workers.  No, Robin has been hard at work for EMPLOYED people who “just can’t take it any more” and want to make a change.

If you are an employer, business owner or manager you may have thought NO ONE would leave a job in this economy.  Any paycheck is better than no paycheck.  It doesn’t matter how I treat them, they HAVE to stay – right?  WRONG!

At times when we are asking more and more of our team – it’s more important than ever to show our appreciation for their hard work and efforts.  Recognition is the #1 motivator of people and last I checked – it was still FREE.  So give it often but be sure you are being specific.  Recognize actions, efforts and results or it will sound like false praise and lose it’s value.

Example: You are a great employee.  vs.  It means a lot to our bottom line that you are always diligent about collecting open accounts receivables.

If you need more examples or help on how to give recognition effectively, check out my book, “Common Things Uncommon Ways” for ways to make recognition part of your daily business model.

Also take the time to acknowledge the extra stresses your employees are feeling.  “I really appreciate all the extra hours you have put in this week.  I know it takes you away from your families but your hard work makes it possible for us to keep the doors open and make payroll at a time when so many of our competitors have had to lay off workers or close entirely.”

Sure, they should realize that on their own and you likely feel as though you are stating the obvious to say something like this,  but believe it or not, employees need you – the owner, manager or leader to help them keep the “big picture” in mind.

Your team needs you now. It’s these tough times that make us stronger.  Let your staff know how important they are to you and your business or they may just pull the emergency slide and leave you right when you need them most.


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One Response to ““Take This Job and….””

  1. Christine Says:

    Thank you for a wonderful morning, last Friday. Your energy and “down to earth” speech was well recieved. I also want to thank you for being so gracious to stay until our 2nd guest arrived. Not to many speakers would have stay and given us unplanned time.
    On a personal note, started keeping a gratitude journal and doing something new.


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