Cookin’ Up Success

Yesterday was National S’mores Day.  Across from the entrance to Universal Studios theme park in Los Angeles, there is a restaurant which has fire pits out front and signs which say the servers will be happy to help you if you want to make your own s’mores.  This is a normal event, not something special for the national holiday.  They even offer s’more kits on the dessert menu.

Only problem is, you can’t find a server to help you. I realize it’s primary a night spot, but it advertises “Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Late Dinner” all in neon on the building.  To my mind, you should then be staffed for each of those meals.

On my visit there on Monday afternoon, table after table of guest were not served and then, when told they would have to go to the bar to order, table after table left and went elsewhere.

My husband, John Murphy and I went along with the program and ordered at the bar.  I had to move to 2 different place at the bar to avoid both the stench of garbage and the dozen plus bees. The bees were feasting on the generous overflow of sticky, sweet drinks and stale beer on the bar mat – obviously left from the night before.

When I did finally find someone to take our order, he was great.  We got our food quickly and it was really good.  Of course, then I had to go wait back with the bees for the bartender to return so I could ask for and pay our check.

Last bit of insult, as we left, we were offered a 20% off coupon by a sidewalk staff member who was trying to encourage customers into the restaurant…a discount we were never told about or offered.

The moral of the story?  Good food, convenient location and even discounts won’t make up for lack of staffing or lack of cleanliness.  Pay attention to the details and you can cook up success for your business.


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