Keeping Score

It’s the summer travel season and as one who travels a LOT, I’m always interested in what my favorite airlines are doing to make the experience more comfortable, convenient or cost effective for all of us.

In light of all the new fees, I was happy to see Alaska Airlines stepping up and addressing a pet peeve – the length of time it takes to get checked bags once you land.  When checking a bag was free, it was harder to complain – it didn’t stop us from complaining, but at least we weren’t paying to wait.

There are great signs in the airport like a graphic of  a bag with a cheetah tail (they are fast you know) with the 20 minute guarantee advertised.  The website graphic is a “race car”.  They even make announcements on the flight.  Great!  At least if we are paying to check a bag we are getting something for our money – faster service and less irritation is worth paying for!

Having just seen these in several airports, imagine my surprise when we recently flew Aegean Air in Greece and saw this:  

On the reader board at the baggage claim it gives the flight number, the arrival time (15:05) and the time the first bag hit the carousel (15:10).  FIVE MINUTES – That’s impressive!  How’s that for posting your score?

What is important to your customer? Is it a smaller delivery window?  Extended hours?  Less waiting time for a bag or something else?  Are you willing to not only address it as an issue but also promote it as a way to stand out from your competition?

It may seem a bold move – what if you don’t live up to the standard you set? One thing is for sure, you won’t if you don’t try. Having an advertised guarantee – or posting your “performance score” as Alaska Airlines and Aegean Air have done is a sure fire way to get everyone on your team focused on improving the customer experience.  So go ahead – keep score – your customer already is!


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