Part 2; New Hire Brings Donuts

In Wednesday’s post I shared the many insights gained by observing how new hires embrace and deliver on a basic task such as “bring donuts”.  In closing I mentioned if you have just been hired, bringing donuts – whether directed to or not – is a great way to start off your working relationship at the new company.

This point was echoed by the comments made by readers of Wednesday’s post.  Whether it’s donuts, muffins, cookies or even a fruit tray; this simple gesture can create a very positive impression of you on your new coworkers and supervisors.

Many studies have shown the sooner you integrate into the culture of an organization, the more successful your career there will be. If you are the new hire, you want to excel.  If you are the person who HIRES, you want  this be a successful hire.  A successful hire reflects well on those who did the hiring and of course, saves the company money when they don’t have to go through the process again to correct a hiring error.

If you are a new hire, or if you elect to use this technique with your next hire, here is what you need to do.  Scout out a location in a high traffic area such as by the coffee or at the front desk.  Put out your treats in an attractive display and include a sign that says “Please enjoy these treats from XYZ, your newest team member.  I look forward to working with you.”

Human nature dictates that everyone who takes a treat feels compelled to come and say thank you.  Some will just stick their head into your workspace and say “Thanks for the goodies” but others will spend a few minutes and engage you in conversation.  This is your opportunity to meet coworkers, learn their areas of responsibility and find common connections. It may be where you live, how many children you have, hobbies in common or previous places you’ve worked.  All of these connections are vital to your long term career success both at this company and future work places.

YOU, or your new hire – will end the first day feeling as though you’ve found a “home” here at your new company with the start of many new friendships and working partnerships.  That’s a lot of return on such a small investment and one well worth making.


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