The New Hire Brings Donuts

I once worked for a genius.  Not an IQ type genius, though he was smart.  A human nature genius which in turn made him a management genius.

After offering a person a sales position and establishing the start date, he said to the new hire “Oh, and the new hire brings donuts so bring some donuts.”

When I asked him about it, he simply laughed and said “I was just in the mood for donuts”.  In fact, it proved to be much bigger than a box of donuts.

Each person, given the same “task” (to bring donuts) did it in their own way.  Some went to the grocery store and picked out a selection from the “fresh case”.  Others went to Krispy Kreme or another national donut chain.  One went to a local bakery known for it’s hot, fresh, specialty donuts.  Yet another brought in boxed Hostess and Entenmann’s from a convenience store.

The donuts became an early indicator of how this individual would do everything during their time with the company.  The ones who put forth the extra effort to bring something special would put the same effort into every other task they were given.  Those who went the quick and easy route would take the quick and easy path at everything else as well.  The one who stopped at the convenience store on the way to the office proved to not plan ahead on anything and was always having to scramble to get things done and what he produced was always the bare minimum.

Over the years, “The new hire brings donuts”  became standard practice for this branch office.

Are you fortunate enough to have just received a job offer?

Just because no one TOLD you to bring donuts your first day doesn’t mean you can’t.  In fact, in Friday’s blog, I share more reasons you may actually want to “bring donuts”.


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2 Responses to “The New Hire Brings Donuts”

  1. Victoria Says:

    That’s such a great point. We just hired a new person at our law firm and, without prompting, she brought in freshly baked cookies. I wholeheartedly agree that the extra effort in doing something gracious bodes well for her future in working with our team.

  2. Robin Ryan Says:

    Sunny points out a unique lesson on career management and how to become a superstar at work. Well done! Everyone manager and hiring executive needs to ponder the point she makes here. And if you are a new employee, pay very close attention because she just explained how you can excel on any new job.


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