1000 Little Ways

A couple of years ago, I was in Santa Barbara, California with my family.  I have a fondness for Cajun cuisine and read about The Palace Grill. Admittedly, I felt a great Cajun restaurant in Santa Barbara was a bit of an oxymoron but we went to dinner there anyway.

The atmosphere was lively.  The staff was delightful.  The decor was cozy and charming and the food was divine.  We eat out a lot and there are probably a dozen places and nights that are sealed in our memory with magic dust sparkled on them.  This was one of those places, one of those nights.

Inevitably, the volume of iced tea I drink made nature’s call sound for me and I headed down the hallway towards the ladies room.  This walk, as in many restaurants, took me past the door to the kitchen.  Despite the urgency of the trip, I couldn’t help but notice a framed sign on the wall directly across from the kitchen door.

I was so taken by the message there that once my business was complete, I went to our table, got a pen and paper to go back down the hall to write down what was posted there.

“It’s impossible to be 1000% better than
every other restaurant, so let’s try to be
1% better in 1000 little ways.”

It’s certainly a worthwhile goal for all of us.  Where it is always impossible to be 1000% better than your competition – regardless of the field, it’s possible to be 1% better in many, many ways.

Make this your goal, share it with your team and create raving fan customers (like me) every single day.


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