Supply and Demand

For those of us who live in the gray, overcast Pacific Northwest, a day of sunshine is treated as a “get out of jail free” card.  The moment blue skies and temperatures venture into the high 60’s, we go in search of places to soak up some sun and replenish our diminished vitamin D levels.  You can find us on balconies, patios and patches of grass everywhere!

Does your restaurant, cafe, pizza joint, coffee shop, sports bar, neighborhood pub or wine bar have a patio?  If so, this becomes a HUGE competitive advantage when the sun finally shines.

How do you let people know? Some patios are in back and not easily visible from the street.  Plus, if it’s been a long time (as it has in Seattle) since the last time the weather was conducive to using a patio, your customers may have forgotten you have one!

You can take advantage of the free social media network and Tweet to your followers “Our patio is open!  Get your vitamin D refill here.” You can have a banner, window sign or sandwich board like this one used by Sip in downtown Seattle that you put out on sunny days to serve as a lighthouse beacon to the sun deprived residents and workers in your neighborhood.

What else do you offer that is in short supply? Free parking for customers?  Complimentary valet parking in hard to park areas?  New or exclusive products that are hard to find?  Even in times of economic uncertainty, the rules of supply and demand still apply.  If you have something desirable that is in short supply – customers will come but it’s up to you to let them know you have it!

Now, come up with a way to give us sunshine on a more predictable basis and you will be very rich….


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