Winning the Home Team

In my last post, I suggested sales contests where everyone could win, even something small such as a gift card.  Several people emailed me to ask “Why not just give them cash?”

Think about it for a minute, if I were to hand you $100 in cash, what would you do with it?  Put it in your wallet?  Spend it?  Would your “significant other” even know you got it?  A month from now, would you be able to tell me what you spent it on?

However, if I give you the same amount in a restaurant gift card you are most likely to go home and show it off.  “Honey, can your mom watch the kids on Friday night?  We’re going out to dinner!”   You can buy restaurant cards from a variety of sources, the actual restaurant or their website, your neighborhood Safeway, even Costco offers some – at a discount!

The same amount from a family restaurant such as Applebee’s or Olive Garden lets the whole family enjoy an evening out.

A movie gift card in a lesser amount would let a family go see the latest summer blockbuster like the latest Shrek or Toy Story movie.

The benefits: First and foremost, the “home teams” plays a large supporting role in the success of your peak performers.  They pick up the slack for all the chores and events your employee misses while working those extra hours, evenings or weekends.  This shared experience thanks the family for their support and contribution to the employee’s success.

Next, it adds to the quality of life.  That is really why people are working – the paycheck is just the means by which they are able to improve their quality of life.  These experiences add to their quality of life far beyond the dollar value of the award.

In the current recession, a lot of families have given up restaurant dinners, movies and other non-essential spending.  Your award now becomes a “special occasion” and therefore is more memorable.

Lastly, while using the gift card, the employee gets to be the hero in the eyes of those she/he cares about.  This recognition from the home team inspires motivation to win another prize which translates to increased sales for your business!

Employee turnover is also greatly influenced by the home team.  People can and are encouraged to leave – or stay – at a job by those they care about. Winning over the home team can do a lot to keep your workplace team together and playing well together for many successful seasons.

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