Standing Out

I can’t help but notice as I drive around the area how many apartments are for lease.  Maybe apartment rentals are on my “radar” because of my 2 young adult stepsons…  Perhaps it’s because so many of the complexes have gotten creative on drawing attention to themselves.

It’s not unusual to see a banner advertising a promotion hung from a balcony or the fence surrounding the property.  Sandwich board signs and other “Now Leasing” signs set out by the street also draw in prospective tenants.  In Kirkland the other day, we noticed a sandwich board sign down at the busy intersection pointing up the hill to the complex that wasn’t visible from the street.  Some tie balloons on to the fences and signs to get attention and it works!

Yesterday, on my way back from the Edmonds Chamber of Commerceluncheon where I spoke, a sign at the Edmonds Highlands Apartments caught my eye.  It wasn’t the “Now Leasing” sandwich board sign – I didn’t see that until I had turned around to take a picture of the “Pets Welcome” sign.

I have pets and even though I am not personally in the market for an apartment in Edmonds, I realized this was a feature I rarely see promoted.   In the sea of banners and signs, this stood out for it’s content.

What do you offer that is unique? I’m sure there are other apartments that allow pets, but the fact there was a sign – and the verbiage of the sign “Pets Welcome” would make me look here first.

What is YOUR competitive advantage? Are you using it effectively to draw in customers?  Is it in your marketing materials, on your website and other portals to your business – or is it something you simply tell customers about once they call or come in?

YOUR unique qualities – the reasons people should do business with you – need to be clearly communicated and highly visible to stand out from the competition and entice new customers.


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