Cutting Edge with Comfort

How do you take something people need to do but hate to do such as getting a mammogram and make it more appealing?   The new Belladonna Breast Imaging Center in Bellevue has managed to do just that!

BBIC’s location is easy to find and parking is a breeze – score 1 point for that alone!  The interior is soothing with chic prints and soft colors.  The staff is warm and professional.  There is a Dyson Air Blade in the restroom (YES!)  They even have heated robes and blankets!

Ease and comfort certainly makes it a better customer experience, but we’re here for serious reasons.  The state of the art imaging, diagnostic  and biopsy equipment coupled with the world class care of Dr. Marita Acheson makes this a winning combination.

The invitation to the open house had a quote from Janis Joplin:

“Don’t compromise yourself, you are all you’ve got.”

You may not get the cheese and fruit I enjoyed at the open house, but you will get cutting edge technology, a respected professional team and a lot of creature comforts.

If you are a woman, make your appointment today.  If you have women you care about in your life – share this information with them.

BBIC 1810 – 116th Ave NE – Bellevue, WA            (425)974-1044


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