“Just Looking”

When traveling in China, we visited some sites along the Yangtze River.  The vendors often spoke very little to no English.  As we would pass by, in an effort to get us to stop and look at their wares, they would call out a phrase they had obviously heard all too often; they would wave at us and say “Just looking.  Just looking.”

In retail, we hear that phrase all too often as well, usually in answer to the greeting “How can I help you?”

Not all retail workers understand they are sales people – not clerks! Often paid an hourly wage, they act like hourly workers rather than professional sales people.  If that describes your  retail operation, it’s time for a little basic sales training.

In my retail stores,  we trained our sales team to say “Hi there, did you come in on our big sale today?” We advertised a lot, so there was always some sort of sale and often they would say “yes”.

If you don’t advertise but have a poster in your store window, have tweeted an offer or have a promotion on your website, that becomes your “big sale”.

If they haven’t noticed the poster, received the tweet or visited your website; the question will still spark their interest.  When they say “No, I didn’t know you were having a big sale.”  It’s your opportunity to say, “Oh yes, this is your lucky day.  Today we are offering XYZ special.”

People LOVE sales.  They love to feel they are getting a “deal” so give them a deal.  You likely have some sort of promotion or discount you are offering, so offer it up front as part of your greeting.  

Increasing discounts or gifts at various purchase levels is a great way to encourage larger sales.  Teach your sales staff (they are not clerks, repeat, they are not clerks) to point these savings out to customers. Example:  “If you spend $100, you qualify for a 10% discount on your next purchase.”  “If you spend another $11.00, you will receive this bonus gift.”

Buy 2, get 1 free is also another way to turn merchandise and get a higher total retail sale.  Try different promotions and see what works best with your customer or for various products and categories within your store.

In every situation, make sure your sales team (repeat – not clerks) are well-versed on the promotions being offered. Use Twitter and other forms of social media to let loyal customers know about your discounts.  Make eye-catching signs on  your computer to use on front windows and throughout the store to create excitement and encourage shoppers.

Teach your team enticing ways to greet customers so they get sales and let customers do theirJust looking” at your competitors!


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One Response to ““Just Looking””

  1. Gayle O'Donnell Says:

    What a great post! Lots of valuable tips here that I hope my SALES STAFF will be embracing.


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