Lights, Camera, ACTION!

We saw the touring show “Rain, A Tribute to the Beatles”.  If you love the Beatles and want to take a stroll down memory lane, it’s worth the price of the ticket but this is not a review of the show.  As with many other situations, I enjoyed it for what it was but truly appreciated it on another level.  This is about that “other level”.

Sure, they are a great cover band complete with wigs, costumes and vintage equipment on stage but it’s the extensive use of video that really created the memorable “customer experience”.  They used historical newsreel footage of events from JFK to anti-war demonstrations to the moon walk to transport us back in time and chronicle the original band’s place in pop culture.

They used classic (and very amusing) footage of the screaming throngs of people from original concerts and appearances to recreate the “mood” and feeling of being at a live Beatles concert.  From the “lava lamp” patterns to the psychedelic prints, they effectively recreated a time and feeling long since past.  The show would not have been nearly as entertaining or impactful without  the video elements.

How can you use video to have a greater impact on your customers? Do you currently use video on your website?  It’s a great way to let customers get to know your business before they visit or to let them feel as though they have met you if they only do business through the internet.

Do you have products to demonstrate? John Murphy, Affordable Web Videos, just completed a project for Relief Pod International demonstrating their new line of personal emergency preparedness kits.  The videos are for their website as well as trade shows and other sales platforms.

The BagMate video he did perfectly captures an ongoing frustration experienced and shows how BagMate solves the problem.  The video which has been showed at trade shows, on television and on the web has sold and continues to sell LOTS of product!

Even my own personal webpage has video elements.  I “walk on” to the site and talk to visitors about both my speaking and consulting services.  There are also links to informational videos that are on You Tube.   There are videos on my Facebook Fan Page as well.

If you speak, train or conduct workshops on just about any topic, you can make a video. This gives you a compelling way to demonstrate what you do to prospective clients.  You can also sell the video to audience members who loved your material, to companies who want to show it regularly or those who cannot afford to have you present the material in person.   Video is an effective way to get paid for your expertise around the world without having to get on a plane!

Not all video has to be expensive to be effective. In our “Hollywood Society” it’s important to both inform and entertain your customers.  There is so much competition for our attention, you have to always be trying new ways to stand out.

Video has become part of the fabric of our lives.  As we continue to try and reach customers who have grown up in front of the television and who carry videos on their phones, it will be vital to our business survival that we do not appear irrelevant and we demonstrate our ability to communicate in their preferred format. Lights, camera, ACTION!


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