Job Well Done

I love when I meet business owners who take obvious pride in their business.  Where pride may be one of the 7 deadly sins in Biblical terms, the LACK OF PRIDE can be one of the deadly sins in BUSINESS.

Years ago, I had major remodeling done on my home.  I came in when the wood floor had been removed and new ductwork was being installed.  About every 8 feet, there was a permanent sticker affixed to the ductwork with the name of the business and the phone number.  This would not be seen once the floorboards were put back in place and yet this person took such pride in their work, they were willing to put their name on it. When I asked, I was told “If there is ever a problem and someone has to come back in here, I want them to know who did the job and who to call with questions or to solve the problem.”

I recently met Rob Newsom of Newsom Brothers Dump Truck Services.  Here is a guy whose business is hauling away and cleaning up messes both from dirt to hazardous waste and yet his trucks are shiny,lots of chrome and VERY clean.  You could see the pride he takes in his business each time you see one of his “showroom worthy” large trucks.

When I talked to him about the emphasis on the clean trucks in such a dirty business he said “Customers call me because they have a mess.  When they see my trucks pull up to the job site, I want them to think the calvary has arrived. My clean, shiny trucks let them know we know what clean means and their job site will be clean when we are done.”

In my business we always made sure the windows of the stores were clean and retained a service to professionally wash the windows on a regular basis.  I visited the restroom in each of my stores when I went in to be sure it was always “customer ready”.  Our delivery trucks were kept clean.  The US flags which flew in front of each location were never allowed to get tattered.  Outages in the neon signs were reported and fixed promptly – all statements of the pride we took in our business.

Look at your uniforms, company vehicles, windows and doors of your location, your signage – everything a customer sees.  Does everything send a reassuring message to customers and prospects that you take pride in your work and you will do an exceptional job for them?

You may think you are proud of your business  but does it show?


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One Response to “Job Well Done”

  1. Rob Newsom Says:

    Thank you.


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