Growing Raving Fans

I received an excited phone call from a dear friend today.  She had a “Customer Experience” she couldn’t wait to share.  This is her story:

“In 25 years of living in Seattle, we had never been in a Fred Meyer store.  We saw they were having a sale on plants and pots right when we had been talking about new items needed for the garden and decks.  Why not?  Let’s go check it out.

We went to the Fred Meyer store on Lake City Way.  This particular store is a 2 story design.  We no sooner found our way to the garden department when a very nice young man appeared and asked “How can I help you today?”  We were stunned. Our perception of a discount store such as Fred Meyer was that service was NOT part of the package.  Were we ever wrong!

This young man followed us around the department with a cart as we shopped for pots.  Each time we selected one; he picked it up and added it to the cart.  When we changed our minds on one, he put it back without a sigh or any sign of frustration.

When we said we were done shopping, he suggested we use the elevator to get to the cashier and escorted us to the checkout.

There we met the Store Manager who introduced himself.  We told him how pleased we had been with the help we had received.

As the young man was unloading our cart he suddenly looked up and said “I’m sorry, I forgot to ask you about potting soil.  With this many pots you are probably going to need soil.” We had been so excited about the pots and the service that we had not thought of soil either.  Of course, our first thought was that now we would have to go back to the garden department and get several bags of potting soil but no!  The great helper insisted on going back and getting what we needed for us.  In only a few minutes, he came back wrestling the large bags of soil and our transaction was complete.

The Manager then insisted we let them help us load all our bulky purchase into our car.  As he walked out to the car with us, he thanked us for our business.  He then took a moment to mention a future sale for Mother’s Day.  He assured us they would go the extra mile for us and make sure we were taken care of.  You know what, I believe them!  I’ll be back for fuchsias Mother’s Day weekend!”

This is the story she told me.  I’m by no means the only person she has shared this with.  Great job to the staff of the Lake City Way location of Fred Meyer! You have earned a long-term customer from this one experience and no doubt,  many others who hear the story will come to have their own great customer experience.

Is your staff going the extra mile?  New customers or regulars, do they get the “preferred customer treatment”?  In today’s competitive environment, can you afford to give less than your best?


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