Reaching New Audiences

I have exactly 8 Kenny Chesney songs in my iTunes library. That makes me a “customer” but by no means one of his “best customers”. At the 8 song level, I would never expend the money, time or energy required to attend a concert.  However, when the opportunity to see Kenny Chesney in the new 3D movie/concert experience became available, I was willing to invest the hour and a half plus $20 to see him perform.

This is NOT a review of the concert/movie though we did enjoy it thoroughly. Seeing a concert this way was a great “customer experience”.  One of our friends described it as “Great show with comfortable seats, no drunks sitting behind you and no lines at the bathroom.”

Rather, this is an encouragement for anyone in any sort of business to think about NEW ways you might reach your customers, especially those customers who are already your customers, just not your “best customers”.

3D movie/concerts opens up a whole new world of possibilities for all sorts of entertainers to reach customers who, for a variety of reasons, might not want to or be able to see them in person.  Performers can only tour so many days a year and larger cities are the likely venues.   Fans in smaller markets might never have a chance to see their favorite performers “live”.

Ticket prices can be prohibitive especially when coupled with parking fees. Then there is the time factor – getting to the venue, the concert length and the long lines to get out of the parking lots and back home again.  There are some performers I’d like to see – just not badly enough to go to a live concert.

Most performers have video teams working the concert to put the image up on the big screens.  Taking it the next step to film and produce the 3D movie/concert experience seems to make good business sense to me.

What new technology – or established technology that you just aren’t using – would allow you to reach new customers or encourage existing customers to do more business with you?

Customers who love you will still continue to “cheer from the front row” but through the various forms of new media, you can introduce yourself to a larger audience and perhaps convert some of them to join your “cheering section” as you wow them with your performance.


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