Put it in Writing

Each time I speak, small business owners ask for low-cost marketing tips for their businesses.  There is no more effective, low-cost, low-tech tool than a hand-written thank you card.  We receive so few in today’s electronic world that each time we get one, we tell an average of 7 people.  That’s a lot of marketing for the price of a stamp!

Of course, when I say this, people in the audience groan.  The perception is that writing notes by hand is time consuming.  Here are the note cards used by both my husband, John Murphy and me.

Take a look at the cards; they are both flat cards – not folded.  John’s has his name embossed at the top, mine has my name printed in a larger font style.  The reason? There is less space to write.  Less words needed to fill the note makes the task less of a chore.

We get our cards from All About Weddings and Celebrations.  They have a great selection of personalized note cards to suit your business and/or personality.

Not a believer yet?  Need a super low cost options to get started?  Go to VistaPrint and get 50 cards for around $20 – the first 10 cards are even FREE if that would encourage you to try it.

Here is one of the many standard designs they offer:  Again, a flat card and the design creates an even smaller area to need to fill.  You’ll notice though that I was able to customize it with my name.

Have terrible handwriting? That’s a common excuse.  There are  services that will do handwritten direct mail campaigns.  However, you can also likely find a college student or stay-at-home mom in your neighborhood who would like to make a few bucks by doing your cards for you.

Don’t just reserve your notes for prospects and new customers; valued existing customers should get a thank you for their ongoing business at least once a year, same for your dependable vendor partners.

Your competitors are NOT doing this.  This is a great way to stand out from the crowd and be memorable.  A few minutes of your time and a stamp…yes, it really CAN be that easy!


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