Is it a Sign?

Once upon a time, there was a very cute store on Bellevue Way near the intersection with Main Street in Bellevue, Washington.  Every time I got stopped at the traffic light, the whimsical, purple exposed neon script tubing on the textured silver, metal background beckoned me.

Only problem was, when the sign was lit and visible, it was dark outside and the store was closed. Whenever I was at the same intersection during daytime – business hours, the sign wasn’t legible and it completely forgot about it.  Then one day the store was gone – closed, out of business.  Could it be a sign?

Signs should make it easy for people to find our businesses.  The further away they can be read, the better.  Cute, whimsical fonts and colors only work if they can still be easily read.

Ask your sign company rep which colors are most readable as well as what style of font and lettering. Be sure your business name can be read no matter the time of day.  What good does it do for your sign to look great at night if you are only open during the day?

There’s another business I know that is “sign challenged”.  The sign is easy to read in the daytime, but they are a restaurant and do most of their business after dark.  Look at the picture and see if you can EASILY read the name of the business….

Works of art belong in museums.  Help your customers find you – give them a sign – an easy to see, legible sign!

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One Response to “Is it a Sign?”

  1. robin ryan Says:

    People ignore this basic business fact –but so many start-up companies have cash shortages and skip this step–signage is critical to finding your biz. Sunny is an expert at helping you develop better signage…check out her consulting…she helped a friend with his signage, and made a significant number of recommendations that had a very positive impact for our friend and the new signs drew in more so much more business because of Sunny’s guidance.


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