Making Lemonade

Last week I spoke at the Silverdale Chamber of Commerce luncheon.   In working with  Michael Broome, Executive Director, we found a day that worked with both their meeting calendar and my busy schedule.  Typically the Chamber meets on the last Wednesday of the month but with a 5 Wednesday month, holding the meeting on the 4th Wednesday would not seem odd to the members.

He went about promoting the event and attendance was strong.   Only one small problem, the Silverdale Beach Hotel where the meetings are typically held already had an event in their meeting room at lunch that day!    He had a speaker, attendees and a date, time and location already publicized-NOW WHAT?!?

Thinking quickly and working with the great team at  Silverdale Beach Hotel,    Michael  decided on a “Spring Fling” theme.  Fitting as it was the official first week of spring.  He got a sponsor for a tent to make use of the great back patio at the hotel.  He then went the extra steps and got new member, Texas Glad Rags to bring in some of their beautiful spring dresses on forms to hang around the tent for extra color, potted primroses were on each table, the check in table had a great vase of colorful tulips, he even had a members from Rockit Roost bring a couple of their classic cars to park on the grassy lawn beside the tent.  The staff dressed accordingly and Mother Nature event got in the spirit with a record-tying warm. sunshine filled day.  Pretty tasty “lemonade”!

Sometimes in business – as in life – things don’t go according to plan.  The vision we have for our business may not be  exactly as it turns out.  Even when you have a routine in place, things  happen –  human error or flukes of nature.  Your success is determined by your ability to adjust, to adapt and  innovate.


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