Mirror, Mirror

At the USO Gala here in Seattle at the Museum of Flight, my husband, John Murphy and I purchased an auction item generously donated by the actor, Gary Sinise.  It was a visit to the set during a taping of the popular TV show, CSI: NY.  

We have always contended that a business is a reflection of the top.  Show me a business with inattentive staff, I’ll show you an inattentive owner.

Some may say that an actor is a single person, not a business but I would beg to differ.  Gary Sinise is both a business AND a brand.   The people he has surrounded himself with from assistants to make-up technicians are all part of his business and therefore reflect his “brand”.

From the very first phone call to Eric, the name listed as my contact on the donation form to my ongoing phone relationship with Ryan(shown in photo) as we coordinated busy schedules to every person we met on the set – Gary Sinise has built an impressive brand.  And, based on our interactions with him yesterday as we spent 4 hours on the set of CSI: NY, it is a “brand” which mirrors his style, demeanor and values.

Is that true about YOUR business? Your brand?  Are phone calls taken and/or returned promptly?  Are people greeted warmly and made to feel welcome?  Or are they an interruption, an intrusion into someone’s day?  Do co-workers treat each other with respect?  Customers see and notice this and typically it flows over into how they treat customers.  Is everyone on your team passionate about the mission?  Do they love their jobs?

If not, you have to ask yourself the hard questions:  Is it my leadership or have I simply selected the wrong people for their roles?  Every business is a reflection of the top so the question is: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best company of them all?”


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