Sweeten Your Bottom Line

Even before the recession hit hard, the P F Chang’s China Bistro restaurant chain did something brilliant.  They made 8 different “mini” desserts in addition to the full sized offerings on the menu.

Why is something so simple actually brilliant?

  1. Most Americans want something sweet after a meal but often wrestle with both the calories and now, the cost, of dessert.
  2. P F Chang’s already gives a fortune cookie with the guest check.  People who didn’t want to expend the calories – or the cash – could just use this free cookie as dessert.
  3. Large desserts are often shared requiring consensus – and who really wants to compromise on a treat?

By offering the “mini” desserts they have addressed all 3 areas.  They let guests have “something sweet” but the portion size – and the price – fit better.  Plus, with so many choices, no one has to compromise!

In addition, having these smaller portion desserts on the menu, the chain can easily offer attractively priced “meal packages” with your choice of several appetizers, entrees and of course, a mini dessert.

Great idea if you are a restaurant – but what if you’re not? There still may be an idea for YOUR business in what P F Chang’s has done.

Do you have goods or services people want, but don’t feel they can afford right now?  Is there a way to offer them a “taste”? Perhaps a scaled down version of your typical products or services as an “introductory offer”?  Smaller “bites” of your time for those who may be reluctant to make a more significant investment at this time?

By giving customers more, and seemingly less expensive ways to sample your business, you may find a profitable way to sweeten YOUR bottom line.


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