“Expert” Marketing

Are you an expert in your field? Looking for a low cost way to reach thousands, often hundreds of thousands of YOUR target market? Be an Expert on a local radio show!

Every Saturday and Sunday along the AM dial in most markets, the Monday-Friday talk format is replaced by a series of typically 1-3 hour programs on various topics.  Gardening, Cooking, Money Management, Estate Issues, Wine, Legal Issues, Pets, Business Topics, Interior Design, Car Repair, Home Improvement and even a program devoted to Weddings and the bride-to-be.  Sometimes there is even a local AM station with such programming all week long including one in Seattle which features the popular show “Chat with Women” 5 days a week.

These shows are usually hosted by a local expert(s) and most have guests on related topics.  Example: The wedding radio show: NearlyWed Radio is hosted by 2 long-time wedding professionals, Gayle O’Donnell and Greg Lowder.  Guest might include people who specialize in wedding flowers, table decorations, unique venues, cake masterpieces, custom vows, those who will officiate in unusual settings, getting “fit” in time for your wedding, travel experts on top budget honeymoon spots – if your business does anything to do with weddings  – you could be a guest!

The show “Inside Out” is hosted by popular interior designer, Tami Michaels.  Guests are experts in everything from paint, wall-coverings, budget room make-overs, lighting, plumbing, energy efficiency measures for your home and even green technology for homeowners.

Most of the shows cover the cost of the airtime through some kind of sponsorship  but the amount is nominal. A ten-twenty minute interview is worth far more than a few 60 second radio spots would be and it likely costs a fraction! Plus, you don’t have to write, record and edit an actual “commercial”.  You just have to be what you already are; an EXPERT talking about what you love to do to people who need and want your products and services.

Many also offer an option to get a copy of your interview in an MP3 format which is perfect for putting on your website for future visitors to hear even if they weren’t listening in when it first aired.

Your assignment: This Saturday and Sunday, surf the AM dial in your market beginning about 9:00 AM.  Make a note of the various programs, times, topics, hosts and contact information.    Some of the station websites list the “local programming” but listening gives you a flavor of the show to see what is a good fit for you.

Next: Contact the appropriate program(s) in your market.  Have a short paragraph or couple of sentences for the host about why you would make a great resource for their audience and ask what is needed to become a guest.

When you consider the many benefits of being seen (or heard) as an EXPERT in your field by your specific target market, in YOUR geographic region – this is marketing you would be crazy NOT to do!

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