Speeding Past the Competition

At SeaTac airport the other night, my husband, John Murphy and I were at the curb waiting for the shuttle bus for Lot B of the MasterPark off-site parking.  A young man named Saul in a MasterPark jacket walked up carrying a walkie-talkie.  He asked if we were MasterPark customers.  We said “Yes” and he asked if we had already called in our ticket number. We had, but another man Saul asked was also waiting and said he had not, handing Saul his ticket.  Using the walkie-talkie, Saul relayed the information to the lot so the customer’s car would be ready and waiting.

We’ve been MasterPark customers for years and this was the first time we saw an attendant at the airport offering this service.  We asked Saul about it and he said “There’s a lot of competition for where to park your car here at the airport.  We just always want to do the next best thing to earn your business.”

W  O  W  ! ! !

Not only is what he said 100% true, but major kudos to the management team at MasterPark who helped the team members understand the real value of what they offer customers.    It wasn’t just Saul who understood and could communicate the service mission, our driver and the counter staff did as well.

Next time you are going to SeaTac airport, consider parking in one of the valet lots of MasterPark.  Print a coupon off their website to save even more money – about 40% off the onsite garage rates.  Show your Alaska Airlines MVP card to score some more milesMake a reservation on line for busy weeks such as Spring Break, President’s Week and Christmas/New Year’s to be sure you have a spot.
They handle your luggage, take great care of your car and get your trip started – and wrapped up – on a up note.   If you are really lucky, you may even get to ride in a bus driven by Jeff who always features “music of the month” from classic rock to Elvis to Beach Boys for your listening pleasure during the five minutes to and from the terminal.

Way to go MasterPark, you continue to speed past the competition and set the standard for the customer experience in airport parking.


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7 Responses to “Speeding Past the Competition”

  1. Dale Cohen Says:

    Masterpark is the best…I don’t know why anyone would park anywhere else. Professional, friendly and very service minded. Beats the competition hands down.

  2. Danna Siverts Says:

    I have been a happy MasterPark parker for over 20 years, and have never had less than a perfect stay. Thank you Kobe for recognizing this excellent service. I can’t imagine using any other parking service at Sea-Tac – especially on a wet, cold Seattle day. Valet is the only way to go.

  3. judy Easterbrooks Says:

    With “Customer Service” a thing of the past, I was delighted by my parking experience at MasterPark a couple of month’s ago. From beginning to end it was beyond excellent! I asked my friend when we picked up our car at the end of our trip if she was as blown away as I by the excellent service we received. Her response was “YEAH!” MasterPark goes the extra mile, which as we all know is simply and completely rare in our society today. Courtesy, respect is so little to ask for in our business dealings, not to mention the security and good care my car receives when I travel. MasterPark meets all of my expectations and then some. So, that being said, why would you park any where else?

  4. Nancy Stephan Says:

    I recently parted with MasterPark and wakened to a wonderfully smooth addition to my travel experiences. The personel were polite, efficient, and the process was fluidly smooth! With all of the other not-so-good experiences connected with flying these days, it was indeed a pleasure to have parking handled with such wondrous expediency! Thanks MasterPart!

  5. Pam Petersen Says:

    I have been parking at MasterPark since it opened Lot A many years ago.
    The staff has been consistently great. They are always very courteous and helpful. It is a pleasure to park here. Valet parking here is the only way to go!!

  6. Cindy Thompson Says:

    They have awesome drive up check in service!
    After my first stay they had my information linked to my car license plate. As soon as I step from my car they greet me with a honestly cheerful “Hello! And welcome back to Master Park Ms. Thompson. When will you be returning from your trip?”
    There is always a shuttle at the parking lot to whisk you to the airport, you never have to touch your bag, they take them from your car to the shuttle, and I have never waited more than a few minutes after calling to say I am back.

    AND! THEY TURNED ON MY HEATED SEATS FOR ME!!!! A very nice touch when returning to cold cold Seattle from a sunny vacation.

    I wouldn’t use anyone else!

  7. Kris Johnson Says:

    MasterPark is the only lot I would ever consider parking in. Everything is always perfect, the employees are extremely friendly and they do a great detail job while you’re out of town!


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