Mixed Messages – K.I.S.S.!

The merchandise in the gift shop windows looked appealing and I thought I’d go in to get a closer look.  I approached the only visible door and found these signs:  One sign said “Open”, the other “Not an Entrance”.  Confused, I walked around the building until I hit a tall, chain link fence – no other door.  Same on the other side of the building.

All the while, staff sat at the counter inside alternately watching me and flipping through a magazine.

I never found the actual “entrance”, no one came to the door to encourage me to come in or point out the actual entrance so I got in my car and left.

Sometimes businesses don’t even realize what they do to run off potential customers.  Walk outside your business. Are there conflicting signs?  Too many signs?  Faded signs that don’t represent your business image?

Often staff and owners park in back and use a door other than the one customers use.  Plus, we know the story behind each of the signs we have posted so they make sense to us, but would they seem welcoming to potential customers?

What about your website directions? Recently I was going to a consulting client’s location for the first time using the directions posted on their website.  After wandering around lost for about 15 minutes, I found them but 2 of the names on the street signs were very different from the information on their website.

Print out the directions you have on your website or keep by the phone for staff to give to callers.  Go drive the route using these directions, not on auto-pilot as we typically drive to our places of business.  Is everything accurate?  Clear?  Could they be improved?  Do trees block your sign but not the sign of a neighboring business?  If so, mentioning the other business might make yours easier to find.

Customers are rare and elusive creatures, we all need to focus on making it as easy as possible for them to come spend their even more elusive dollars with us!


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One Response to “Mixed Messages – K.I.S.S.!”

  1. Shirley Lansing Says:

    Every experience I have had with MasterPark has been excellent. Staff, personal service … exceptional! Everyone loves MasterPark when it comes to special treatment at SeaTac.


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