Butts in the Seats – Salon Edition Pt.2

Wednesday’s blog post talked about a “Walk-in Program” and the value to your nail salon, hair salon or day spa.  Here are some other ways to drive traffic to your business:

Step outside your door and look around.  Who in your shopping center or on your street currently is NOT a customer of yours?  Go introduce yourself!   Take a coupon or some samples you’ve gotten from your suppliers as a way of saying “hello”.

Is there an employment office or temp agency nearby? Forge relationships with those who are sending out applicants.  Offer to give applicants a low-cost trim to improve their odds of landing a job.  Don’t lose sight of the fact “some money is better than no money”.  If you don’t have to use a lot of product, just a little of your time, would you rather be busy and get something or hold firm to your usual price and be idle?  Also, a discount today to someone in need can create a customer for life once they are working.

Haircuts and manicures often seem like luxuries but a professional appearance is essential to getting – or keeping – a job. Job hunting is stressful –  even having a job is stressful as employees are asked to do more with less. Massage has therapeutic value and should not be viewed as a luxury item.  There are lots of articles and blog posts about these subjects.  Do you have a salon website, Facebook fan page or blog? Include information of this sort and then be sure to mention your “walk-in program” and/or discount for the unemployed to encourage new customers.

Are you near a high school? Find out when the upcoming dances are scheduled.  Often it’s on the school’s website.  Print some flyers advertising “up do” specials, discounted manicures, spray tans, waxing and other services specifically mentioning the upcoming prom.  Have your teen or friend distribute the flyers either on cars in the student parking lot or handing them out from the sidewalk as students exit the lot.

Let people know what you do.  Walk back outside again.  Look at the front of your salon.  Is it clear what you do?  Do you have windows cluttered with faded posters from product vendors?   If a vendor is not paying you to display the sign, remove it!

Invest in low cost signage to showcase the work you do.
I did consulting work for a salon, here is a photo of one section of the windows.  Other windows mention various specialized services offered resulting in not only new customers, but expanded services for existing customers as well.


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