Butts in the Seats – Salon Edition Pt.1

Do you own a hair salon, nail salon or day spa?  Do your team members have open slots in their schedules?  Do you want more customers?

If you answered “YES!”, this is for you.

For years, nice salons have trained us to schedule appointments.  In order to get in with our favorite, we have booked weeks or months ahead.  Economics have changed customer behavior forcing businesses to change as well.  Salons and spas that  never had to look for business are suddenly finding even loyal customers are waiting longer between appointments.

Filling an open spot on your books is often as simple as letting people know you have space available. One of the salons I do consulting with was on a busy corner but rarely got walk-in business. The look of the salon was such that one would never assume they welcomed walk-ins.  Simple solution:  a sign. Here is a photo of the one that now brings in an average of 10 walk-in clients each week.

Could you use 10 new clients each week?

On the internet, there are affordable neon signs you can hang in the window with the greatest street visibility.  Remember, your greatest visibility could be a side window rather than center front depending on parked cars, trees and other factors. I like the lighted sign because it gets greater visibility especially during times of the year when it gets dark earlier.

Do different people in your salon or spa have different rates?
Get everyone to agree on a “walk-in price”.  Keep in mind; people typically only walk in for basic services.  The receptionist should have these prices posted for easy reference for walk-ins and phone calls.  Anyone who doesn’t want to do a walk-in for the established price would just not be eligible for walk-in business.

The secret to such a sign, regardless of lighted, sandwich or stake based:  Don’t put it out or turn it on unless you actually have space available!

Each morning, the receptionist should walk around with the “walk-in” appointment book, pen and highlighter to ask the various artists what times they have open and if they would be interested in filling those spots.  This highlighted book becomes the quick reference for space available.

First open spot is at noon?  Put or turn on the sign at 11:30.  No more spots after 3:00?  Bring the sign in or turn it off after the last open spot has passed.

Don’t irritate potential new customers by advertising “walk-ins welcome” and then not having any openings today. Once I pull in, find a place to park and walk in, there needs to be a time slot available within the next 30 minutes.

If customers have to wait, suggest they visit a coffee shop, restaurant or do an errand in your center while they wait.  Get their number to text them when the service provider is available.

Putting in a walk-in program now can help your business survive and even thrive as those walk-ins today become your standing appointments later.

Friday’s blog will give more tips on ways to bring customers into your salon or spa.  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss these valuable tips!


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One Response to “Butts in the Seats – Salon Edition Pt.1”

  1. John McEntire Says:

    Very interesting to read 😛


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