Shades of Lavender

Despite my retail background, I admit there are some retail businesses I just don’t get.  I have never understood how sock stores could pay mall rents and I don’t understand Pelindaba Lavender at City Centre in downtown Seattle.  That being said, it’s important to note that while a variety of stores have tried and failed in the mall areas of this office building; Pelindaba Lavender seems to be flourishing in its large, prime location on the corner of 6th and Union.

Seeing the store again yesterday brought back the question I always ask when I go by.  “Just how much lavender is sold?” An internet search revealed impressive sales figures for lavender, essential oils and related products – who knew?!?  I’m not even personally a fan of lavender scented items, but I have to acknowledge Pelindaba Lavender is a model example of telling the story, educating the consumer and presenting their merchandise.

The color scheme of the store, a dark, royal purple is the perfect back drop for the softer shade of lavender of the plants and items made from the essential oils.  The hanging signage indicating products for home, beauty and even pets clearly shows the many versatile uses for lavender.  I also liked the “story board” wall where their history is presented in photos and text. 

The flat screens mounted on the wall with the beautiful imagery of the lavender fields is a great use of technology and says “This isn’t your grandma’s lavender”.

Gifts are presented in lovely packaging with alluring names such as “The Sinful Collection” and “The Decadence Collection”.  Those sound like great Valentine gift ideas for anyone into aroma therapy in your life.

Extra credit must be given for the window displays which include signs detailing their mission, local roots along with the positive environmental and community impact. 

My personal favorite though reads;

                          Pelindaba Lavender
                                San Juan Island

  • Fully integrated Farm, Production 
    Company and Retail Outlet
  • Year-round Job Creation for over
    35 Island Residents.

In today’s economy, this fact alone should be reason enough to visit the farm, the website or their store and support this “uncommon” area employer.


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2 Responses to “Shades of Lavender”

  1. Danna Siverts Says:

    I have been using MasterPark for over 20 years and every time I have parked there has been a perfect experience. It’s nice to see such a positive piece on your blog. I can’t imagine why anyone would park anywhere else, especially on a wet, cold day in Seattle. Valet is the only way to go.

  2. Sunny Kobe Cook Says:

    Per WordPress: Anyone who had subscribed to comments has the option to unsubscribe to these at any time. There is a link to a subscriber options panel in each of these email notifications where they can delete the subscriptions.


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