Getting – and Staying – #1

There are a lot of place to ski in the USA and I have skied my share of them.  When I found Deer Valley, Utah, I stopped looking.  For the 3rd straight year, the readers of SKI Magazine have voted Deer Valley the #1 ski resort in North America. As impressive as that is, I find Bob Wheaton, Deer Valley Resort President and General Manager to be equally as impressive.

I have never met Mr. Wheaton personally but over the years, I have gotten to know him through his people.   I see him in every lift operator who chats with us or waves, every cashier who takes the time to point us to where the best conditions can be found that day, the ski valets who cheerfully take care of our gear and all the mountain staff.  My husband, John Murphy, author of “Success Without a College Degree” always says “every business is a reflection of the top”.   We have talked with countless staff on the mountain over the years and it is obvious, they love their jobs and they love their boss!

Sure, most came for the snow and Utah has the “greatest snow on earth” to quote the state license plate motto.  Utah has a number of good ski resorts yet Deer Valley has a high number of returning staff year after year.  Mr. Wheaton is a big part of the reason why.

Staff are quick to tell tales of bitterly cold, blustery days when Mr. Wheaton would personally relieve chair lift operators so they could go in for a hot cocoa and to warm up.   His quoted response to the prestigious accolade of Top Ski Resort in North America for the 3rd year in a row is yet another example of why Deer Valley continues to win over customers time and time again.

“This award reflects the efforts of our many Deer Valley employees who have a commitment to excellence in everything they do. “
Bob Wheaton, President and General Manager.

Mr. Wheaton, you are an “uncommon” manager.  As one of your longtime season ticket holders I want to thank you for making every visit to your resort a memorable one.  You clearly know what it takes to get to be – and to stay – #1!


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2 Responses to “Getting – and Staying – #1”

  1. Napoleon Kveen Says:

    Good Job on the articles you have here, thank you for putting your time into it!

  2. George Baigent Says:

    What a great article…I agree 100%
    I am from CA and come to Utah alot.
    I have had a season pass a Deer Valley for many years for all the reasons you have mentioned. I have been skiing for over 50 years and from the first time I visited Deer Valley about 10 years ago I knew it was a special place. “Ski Heaven”


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