The Cat Got Me!

This weekend I drove over to the Hood Canal where I had been invited to speak at the North Mason Chamber of Commerce annual Gala.  It was a wonderful event, a packed room and an enthusiastic group.   I was also their guest for the night at the Alderbrook Resort where the event was held.

Everything I had heard from friends was certainly true.  The property is lovely.  My room was comfortable and tastefully decorated in an upscale, northwest décor. The staff was attentive and the service first rate.   The food, both at the Gala and breakfast the next morning was delicious.  The iced tea, freshly brewed and plentiful.

The view of the Hood Canal was picture perfect and yet what did I snap a couple of pictures of?  The Resort cat!   “Brook” is a delightful Manx (no tail) who was lounging on a leather bench by a front window in the lobby when I went down to check out.  I’ve seen resident pets in businesses before, Dolly’s, a Park City, Utah bookstore has 2 cats often found sleeping on chairs, the top of bookcases or the front cash counter.  The less hectic environment of a bookstore seems more suited to a cat’s usual demeanor.  Not true for Brook though.  I was told this has been his home since he was a kitten and nothing; not bellmen with rolling carts or guests with wheeled luggage could ruffle his thick and silky fur.

Nothing except the site of the wrist strap on my digital camera, that is!  I managed to get one quick picture of him as I first found him and then he was immediately up and ready to play.  Both the fringe on my scarf and the strap of my camera were popular.  When you see his paw reaching up in the photo, he is not attacking me; he’s playing mischievously with the camera.  With two cats of my own, both camped here on my desk as I write this, it was this simple gesture which truly made me feel at home.

In a phone call to my husband, Brook was the first thing I mentioned and I promised to bring him back to meet him in the near future.   A large Manx cat with eyes slightly different colors content to greet, be petted and play with the array of visitors to the resort, that qualifies as “uncommon” in my book!


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2 Responses to “The Cat Got Me!”

  1. Gayle O'Donnell Says:

    So glad to know Alderbrook lived up to my earlier review when I went there last fall for All About Weddings & Celebrations’ attendance at the Wedding Network USA board meeting. I found the food both delicious and more than plentiful. Even the breakfast was impossible to finish because of quantity! But, I didn’t have the pleasure of Brook, and you know as another cat lover, I would remember that. Guess that gives me another great reason to go back and visit Alderbrook Resort soon! Thanks for the post.

  2. Eunice Hostetter Says:

    I remember Brook from a previous stay at the Resort. You captured him perfectly — both by camera and description. Cats seem to have an uncanny way of sizing people up don’t you think. I enjoy your blog.


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