The Recession is Over?

The recession is over!  What, it’s not?  Consumers are not back to their old spending habits?  Then someone needs to tell the staff in our area retail stores.  I had an open hour yesterday afternoon and thought I would do my part to stimulate the economy with some retail relaxation (aka: shopping).  I went to one of my favorite stores well-known among savvy women for smart styles and even smarter prices.

I was having a wonderful time, my arms laden with treasures I intended to try on and hopefully buy.  As my arms began to ache, I noticed a store employee putting new merchandise on the floor from a large rolling rack in the aisle.  Surely she would notice a customer buried in merchandise and offer to take things to the fitting room.  No such luck.  Even though she saw me, in fact passed so close to me I had to step back to avoid her colliding with me; she uttered not a word.

She made repeated trips from the supply bar to the display rack all around me.  Finally, I stopped her and asked if she could start a fitting room for me.  Her reply “I’m busy.  I’m supposed to do this” and she indicated the rack of new merchandise.  I couldn’t help myself, I said what would think every retail manager would be saying daily to every staff member “Well, if you made it easier for me to buy these things, I would make more space for you to put out the new.”

She simply looked shocked, by my comment or the concept, I couldn’t tell which.  I hung everything on the nearest open spot I could find and left.  Tasks are important, but not more important than making a sale.

The message to every business owner, manager, supervisor, team leader and floor person; the recession is bad enough already – don’t make it worse by forgetting your priority is always the customer.


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2 Responses to “The Recession is Over?”

  1. nearlywedradio Says:

    AMEN!! I can pretty well guess which of your “favorite” stores you were shopping in, and apparently their goal is to get the goods on the rack as fast as they can and customer service isn’t part of the “bargain”. Pretty sad!

  2. Jacqueline Steven-Russell Says:

    Bravo! I think you have said it well. Even in these times, there ARE customers out there but if retailers don’t spend the time and effort to train their staff on the “art” of customer service, those who could be buying will not. Very sad, indeed!


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