Uncommon Ways blog debuts

My first blog post, quite an auspicious moment! What can you expect if you subscribe to my blog? As an entrepreneur, I relish the countless ways business people find to do very “common things in uncommon ways”. My lifestyle takes me many places and exposes me to a wide variety of things. Through these simple posts, I will share what I find with you.

I had lunch the other day with my long time friend, Kerin Brasch who is the Director of the Puget Sound Chapter of Girls on the Run. We met at the Magnolia restaurant, Maggie Bluffs, a cozy spot overlooking Elliott Bay Marina. Knowing they have killer sweet potato fries, I went to the restroom to wash my hand so I could enjoy my fries guilt-free, at least from the germ perspective.

As soon as I walked into the restroom, I knew what my very first blog post HAD to be, it was hanging right there on the wall.

So what earns the honor of my very first post? The Dyson Airblade™! Made by the wizards who have created the best vacuum cleaner, their unique technology makes a hand dryer that actually DRIES HANDS. In only 12 seconds. Dry hands with no paper towels used, so if using less trees and making less trash is important to you, this is your dryer. It uses less power than traditional hot air dryers too and, did I mention, it actually dries hands? It’s also the ONLY hand dryer certified by NSF as hygienic, and isn’t that the reason we are washing our hands in the first place?

Cold and flu season, and a flood of H1N1 PSA ads, have brought hand-washing to the forefront of consumers’ minds. Three cheers for Maggie Bluff’s Marina Grill in Magnolia for having the Dyson Airblade™ in their restroom. Go check it out for yourself. Prepare to be amazed! It’s so much fun to use you will want to wash your hands before and after you eat. Your mother will be so proud!

Sure, they are by no means the first or only business to utilize this awesome new technology, but they demonstrate you don’t have to be the largest business in your industry to LEAD in your industry.

Business people who have a restroom, particularly a public one, take note: We HATE traditional hand dryers! I have gone into bathrooms, seen a hot air hand dryer and gone back out in search of something to use to wipe my hands. I have taken stacks of paper napkins from your fast food counter, from your popcorn seasoning counter at the movie theater, even an extra cloth napkin just to NOT have to use the typical hand dryer. If I notice too late, I take as much toilet paper as necessary to do the job – the hand drying job – not its intended “job”. This costs you money. So do the traditional paper towels. No matter what bulk you buy in or where you buy them, eventually the math works in favor of a dryer.

The CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE  should tip the scales in favor of the Dyson Airblade. We are all in favor of you saving money on paper towels, we are good with saving trees and, of course, we love less trash and cleaner restrooms, but we do not, repeat DO NOT want to resort to drip drying, shake drying or wiping wet hands on our clothes.

Experience the new Dyson Airblade for yourself at one of the cutting-edge businesses currently using them in their restrooms or check them out on the web at: http://www.dysonairblade.com/homepage.asp.


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3 Responses to “Uncommon Ways blog debuts”

  1. Linda Keith Says:

    Won’t it be great when an easy way to wash (and dry) your hands is no longer uncommon! You know more about customer service than almost anyone I know. Happy you are blogging about it!


  2. nearlywedradio Says:

    Great post, Sunny. Welcome to blogging. They have what look to be the same hand driers at the AMC theater at Southcenter mall, and I love them. They’re so fast and powerful. It’s fun to watch the skin on your hands look like it’s being blown to your bones. I bet more people wash their hands more often just because it’s so fun to dry ’em.

  3. LCD TV Says:

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